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Introductions Are you new to the forums? Come in here and posts a little about ya!

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Default New here!
Hello all!

Im a recently new Scion owner. Ive had my baby now for almost 5 months and I absolutely LOVE him. Smooth, easy driver and still has that slightly sporty, fun look. The color is bluestreak and ive "named" this car Patro. If im anything, im a nerd, and I name my cars.

I got this car mainly because I wanted an easy driver, and also a sporty little car that I could customize and someday possibly show. It amazed me with how much these cars can be customized. So I look forward to learning what others have done, and finding the correct sites to order from, as well.

Ive always been a car enthusiast, and someday I will own my dream car, a dodge challenger. Someday. Ive owned trucks, cars and ive driven everything under the sun, and this is my first real hatchback. Fell in love after the first test drive. Its no truck, or hug the road and drift kind of car, but theres just that little spark of difference that drew me to them.

Im an old school street racer and have always been fond of dragging and drifting. Not doing any of that in THIS, lol.

Other than my car nonsense, im active in dog sports. Ive got a German working line German Shepherd thats the protector of the land and a working rough collie that I do most of my fun stuff with. I do therapy work with her. Take her around to hospitals, nursing homes, libraries and schools and we visit the elderly and children. We do fun tricks, and we dance. If you've never heard of canine freestyle. You should look it up, its SO much fun.

Outside of her therapy work, Cardinal (the collie) herds sheep, competes in Rally and goes with me everywhere she can. Leto (the GSD) is too anti-social to take out into ppl crowded areas, so hes a stay at home type of dog, but hes a goober and I love him like crazy.

Im a graphic designer, work making ads, logos and T-shirt designs, and outside of work Im working on graphic novel spotlighting otherworldly magical beasties that parallel our universe and its problems. Having to learn how to get along, chose the correct side and fight to survive. The wolf in my signature is a main character to that series.

I really love taxidermy and bones. Ive got an extensive collection and I enjoy drawing from them and creating animal art in ways you wouldnt expect. My avatar is from a piece done recently. I try to collect something on every hike I go on, ive got everything from interesting rocks and quartz to feathers, bones, full skeletons, fur, shells. You name it, ive probably found it.

I live an interesting life.

I LOVE being out near or on the water in my kayak and being in the middle of no where with my boyfriend. Weve just started that off-roading thing in his Xterra hes modding and its a blast. I cant wait to do more.

Well, thats about it for me. Ill leave you with a picture of my Patro, and hope to get to know you guys! Hopefully im not too weird for you all. :3


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