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Default Variable Intermittent Wiper Mod
I just completed a variable intermittent wiper Mod on my 2011 xD. It was really easy only took about 30 minutes (after I did it on my 2014 xB first), didn’t cost a lot, and added functionality I really wanted.
There were several posts on other forums I used to gain the info need to complete the Mod - all had great photos:

CTScott on YarisWorld - http://www.yarisworld.com/forums/sho...ight=diy+wiper
Zinger, Paul1114 & BrickPig on NewScionxB –

I used a 2009 donor wiper switch with the variable intermittent feature built in – perfect fit took about 5 minutes to install. Then I used the same relay BrickPig used from Amazon and added the extra wire he writes about to add the intermittent capability to the rear wiper. Easy!

The only differences on my xD from the xB were:
  • The xD has 3 screws holding on the steering column covers (two under the steering wheel which you can get to by turning the wheel and one under the wheel near the “tilt” lever)
  • The color of the wires on the xD wiper switch wiring connector, but the wire positions were exactly the same, and
  • The ignition wire on the xD was green not gray like on the xB and was in a different position – wasn’t too hard to find.

I really like the additional functionality, the fact that it looks stock, and wasn't hard to do. I appreciate the other Forum posters who shared their knowledge.

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