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Default AC Condensation Hose
Originally Posted by beckiraye View Post
Yes I see many people complaining about water leaking under the dashboard into the car. This is happening to me for the second summer. Last summer I took my car to Montrose Scion in Akron and the mechanic told me I must have mice under my hood. Well now I see many other people complaining about this. It is humid here in Ohio in the summer .I need my air conditioning. I about ready to trade in this car.

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water under dashboard leaking into my car both summers I have owned my car.
I had this problem. In case no one has replied: Apparently, the hose that allows the condensation to flow out gets clogged up because it does not have adequate filtration.

Solutions: Pulled up the floor carpet next to the center stack(ac/radio) on the passenger side. The hose found there can be removed, so I used a small pipe cleaner to clear out debris. Have something handy to collect water if a clogged line was your issue.
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