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Just need to vent about what happen with my 2009 scion Xd.

My child tried to leave for work when the car would not start. It would crank over but not start. After killing the battery twice. I called on help. The range gauge say 60 miles till next fill. Show two bars left. Sprayed a little starter fluid in the fliter box and the car started right up. 15 seconds later the car stalled out ok. What is it? No code to read none will show up. That take out cam and crank sensor and leave you with. What??? come on I know I'm not the only one that said fuel pump. Ok so time to find how to get to the fuel pump. Easy underniete the rear seat. 7 bolts to remove seat. Push it up and over the smaller seat. Peel back the flap carpet and there it is. The access plat to get to the fuel pump on the tank.. Don't drop the tankl!!!!. Check for 12 volts and got it when trying to start the car. well that it the fuel pump is bad?? Price it at toyota and for less than 900 dollars I would have the car running again. $400 for the fuel pump and you know where the other four is going. But at this point talking with anyone that would listing. Telling me that there is no reason that the pump should go out so early. Price a use one on e-bay for $59 dollars. Good thing was that there was pics to look at. Decided to take it off and it looks just like the one on e-bay. Look inside of the tank and to my surprise it was empty. [email protected][email protected]##[email protected]##. Two gal later and started right up. So don't trust your your range, it said 60 mile till next refill. Ok all let me have it.
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