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KILLA XD 11-25-2010 12:54 PM

November Voting For xDotM!!!!!!!!!
I'll throw my car into the ring.. . And take advantage of the "open season" to inspire you with a tough tale of nature vs machine . This is Connor, today showing off his completely dentless sheetmetal . Yesterday I picked him up after having had undergone $1800+ in hail damage repair....

As the car is a daily driver , and is used as a family vehicle, that has to @ times transport elderly people, I can't make it any lower, which I'd like ... But. It still has "Hot Wheels" rims, and a K&N filter, as well as the Faux-Euro tails to take it away from DEAD stock.Here's a chance to vote for a plucky xD survivor.


well heres my car. shes my daily driver but im trying to mod her little by little i have the window visors, blacked out tails, pink tc wheels, eyelids the spoiler and stickerbombed center console.sorry for the camera phone pix lol

KILLA XD 12-03-2010 02:05 AM

voting still going.

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